“For where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst.”
(Matthew 18:20)


This is what we do:
I. Welcome everybody! This usually means food!

II. Worship and pray together. This is quite free and fluid.

III. We value accountability, sharing testimonies of how we have been able to do what we felt we should commit to the week before, and how God has answered the prayers that we prayed.

IV. Someone reads the passage of scripture out loud

V. We all individually get out our pens and ‘scribble on Scripture’, putting a:
–1. Circle around people
–2. Rectangle around places
–3. Wiggly line around actions
–4. Double line under repeated words (noting how many times they are repeated)
–5. Question mark next to anything we didn’t understand
–6. Exclamation mark next to anything else that stood out

VI. We share what we’ve marked and wrestle through the questions together, marvelling at things that struck our hearts from the Scripture

VII. We then move into application, asking ourselves:
–1. What was the main verse in the passage?
–2. How does God want me to apply this passage in my life this week?
–3. Who are five people I can share this lesson/share the gospel with this week?

VIII. Then we all pray together. Usually we conclude with the Lord’s Prayer.


If you’d like to join one of our simple gatherings, then please get in touch using the form below:
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